Neuroaesthetics in interior design: let's design happiness

Have you heard of the word “neuroaesthetics“? Can you guess its meaning? We came across it when we were working on setting up our company and we liked it straight away.

Neuroaesthetics researches the effect that beauty and art have on the human brain and our well-being.

Neuroaesthetics as the essence of interior design

Intuitively we already knew this, but reading about this science made us feel like our work was officially elevated to a more factual level! Incorporating the neuroaesthetic approach into the design process means that we not only play with the visual powers of design elements (the combination of colours, the use of textures, etc.) but also use them to have a positive effect on our customers on an emotional level.

That’s what we want to do: Guide you (you/your family ;)) to your individual well-being. The key: Listen to you and find out together what works best for you.

Certainly there are universal rules that help to create a happier space (use functional furniture, choose the right colours, make the best use of light…) and these must be taken into account when planning a room. We will write about this in another blog entry.

But there’s much more to a happy home: designing an interior that suits your personality – or the personalities of all the people who share this home. This is a small challenge – and one that we are happy to take on with you!