Expats relocation service and our interior design

...for a real home abroad

Knowing that you’ll only be in a country for a few years doesn’t have to stop you from creating a home that feels like home.

A well-designed space helps us to relax, socialise and lifts our spirits.

Definitely a good way to settle into a new country.

You can even allow yourself to be bold and play with trends that you wouldn’t commit to in an ‘established’ home. High street elements, a good arrangement of patterns and textures, combined with the beloved pieces you bring with you from other parts of the world, are the perfect ingredients for a fresh, welcoming new home.

Even before you arrive in Vienna, we’ll work with you to design your new home – visualised through our photorealistic 3D models.

Collaboration with your relocation service

We are happy to work with your relocation service so that your new home is ready as soon as you arrive.

interior design mit stil