Professional room planning

Your stress-free renovation starts with a well thought-out plan

A renovation can turn into a costly project- both time and nerves-consuming. We support you with both renovation planning, project management as well as with the implementation of  technical solutions.

Our 3D models help to prevent mistakes and provide clarity, ensuring that all involved tradespeople know exactly what to do. For this purpose we provide them with detailed documentation for their corresponding areas.

Book our free initial consultation, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

This is how the cooperation with us works:

1. Free initial consultation

We'll visit your space to discuss your ideas, inspirations, and wishes. During this visit, we'll give you an overview of our way of working and answer any questions about our process. Based on your ideas, we create a personalised offer.

2. Individual cooperation

We work together on your design, keeping in touch and sharing ideas throughout the process. We provide 3D models and detailed lists of all chosen elements, including product links. We can take care of the entire project implementation.

3.Your happy place

Our goal is met when you're excited to come home and eager to invite guests over. Every element, colour, and piece of furniture has been specifically chosen for you and your lifestyle. Ready to enjoy your home every time you step into it?

Room planning with a concept

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