The universal rules for a happy home

The perception of beauty is a very personal one, and a space that feels cosy, safe and inviting to one person may be far from being the perfect home for someone else.

BUT there are “universal” rules that are – guaranteed – to help create a happier home. You can believe us 🙂

The six universal rules for a happy home

You don’t have to stoop to the level of Marie Kondo but a messy room is definitely stressful and distracting. We can’t preach what we don’t do ourselves: In our family, it’s actually impossible to have a perfect home 24/7, so we appreciate having a place where we can quickly “hide” a bit of clutter when company comes.

Negative space is the empty area around and between everything else. It’s a breathing space that gives us the opportunity to focus on other elements that we want to emphasize.

You know that feeling when the light in a certain room just isn’t right? It takes a little effort to find the best lighting solutions and implement them… but from that moment on, you’ll be happy every time you enter the room.

It’s worth investing some time in analysing the lighting conditions, the mood you want to convey, the architectural features you want to highlight or hide, before deciding on a color palette. And remember that you can also use colour (even dark colour) in small rooms!

A piece that belonged to your grandparents, your favourite poster, a memory of a trip, your child’s artwork, a reference to your favourite hobby. These details make a house a home. Don’t you love looking at these things when you visit friends? They are often the starting point for lively conversations.

Scale is the size of something in relation to something else. Proportions are the relationship in size between two or more things. This topic is worth its own blog post, so we’ll just mention the golden ratio… and we promise we’ll come back to it soon!

We would like to encourage you to take action and see if you can apply some of this advice to yourself. If you need advice, get in touch with us!

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