About the unique advantages of renovating old buildings

We love old apartments!

When you think of renovating an old building, you immediately think of great effort and high costs. And it is of course true that renovating an old building is usually more expensive than renovating a newer apartment. However, there are unique advantages in terms of design that can give your old building a distinctive atmosphere.

Advantages of renovating old buildings

Old buildings often have unique architectural features such as high ceilings, stucco decorations, wooden floors and traditional windows. These elements give the room a special character and charm that modern apartments often lack.

Many old buildings were built with materials that are today considered to be of high quality, such as solid wood, natural stone or handmade tiles. These materials not only offer outstanding aesthetics, but are often also more durable.

Apartments in older buildings often have more spacious rooms and higher ceilings, which allows more freedom in terms of room planning and furnishing. For example, think about the possibility of creating a gallery that you can use as a library, studio or guest area. There are no limits to creativity here. High ceilings also invite us to play with large pieces and combine them with small ones to create dynamic and visually interesting spaces.

When renovating an old building, you can combine the historical substance with modern elements to create a unique ambience that harmoniously combines old and new.

The careful renovation of an old building can significantly increase its value, as historic properties are often more desirable and can be more attractive as an investment.

Renovating and modernising existing buildings is often more sustainable than building new ones, as existing resources are used and fewer building materials are required.

Apartments in old buildings often offer an incomparable flair that is characterised by the history of the building and its unique architecture. This flair can be emphasised and individualised through targeted interior design.

Each of these elements offers the opportunity to create an individual and characterful living ambience that both respects the history of the building and offers modern living comfort.

With the right planning and a professional, experienced team, renovating an old building is really fun and unpleasant surprises can be avoided and costs and time can be kept under control. Our 3D visualisation shows you your home in its full potential even before the renovation starts. The various trades can also use this as a guide and communication errors are minimised. Are you thinking about renovating your old apartment? We at NINE44 will be happy to advise you without obligation on how we can support you.

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