Decorating with wallpaper

Fancy a change of scenery

Our customer, a style and colour consultant, knew exactly that wallpaper was the means to have her home reflect her personality and lifestyle.

From delicate patterns to graphic art deco designs, from geometrical prints to tropical murals in bright colours, wallpaper sets personal accents and plays a major role in interior design.

This project was the beginning of a love story between NINE44 and wallpaper which, we think, is going to be a long one.


20210607 Interior Shooting Susana-27 800×1200
20210607 Interior Shooting Susana-54 800×1200
Interior Shooting Susana -1 1200×800
20210607 Interior Shooting Susana-59 1200×800
Interior Shooting Susana -5 800×1200
Interior Shooting Susana -6 800×1200