Unlock the potential of a studio apartment

Never too small

Fitting a perfect home into 30 m2 may sound like a difficult task.. but creative juices get flowing when challenged by a difficult space!

With good planning and and an eye for detail we unlocked the full potential of this studio apartment. The ceiling height in this project was a game-changer, and we made sure it was used effectively. By incorporating built-in furniture, selecting a few high-quality pieces, and making bold texture choices, this studio has turned into a small urban oasis.

Discover with us how your space can also unfold its full potential.

800×1200 Enscape_2024-03-26-20-55-39 PS optimised
Stylishe Einzimmerwohnung
1200×630 Enscape_2024-03-26-19-49-44 PS optimised
800×1200 Enscape_2024-03-26-20-00-13_PS optimised
1200×630 Enscape_2024-03-26-19-51-42 PS optimised
1200×630 Enscape_2024-03-26-19-47-30 PS optimised