Services for expats

Knowing that you will only be in a country for a couple of years should not put you off creating a place that feels like home.

A home which does not reflect who we are affects our well-being, whereas a well designed space, both in terms of form and functions, can help us relax, encourage socializing and consequently lift our spirits.
Definitely a good path for settling in a new country!

Besides, you can allow yourself to be bold and play with trends you would not commit to in an “established” home! High-street elements, a good arrangement of patterns and textures, combined with those loved pieces that you are carrying around the world, are the perfect ingredients for a fresh, inviting new home!

To make sure that nobody gets lost in translation, we provide our services in English, German and Spanish and take over communication with all the service providers. And of course, we can have everything ready before you come to your new home.