Data Protection Statement

NINE44 OG is responsible for data processing on this website within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We strive to protect your interests in connection with data protection in the best possible way. If you do not agree with a procedure or have a concern about it, we ask you to contact us.

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Authorized representative partners: Nuria Nine Alvarez, Alexander Nine

Please note that we regularly update this privacy policy. The current status can be found here at any time.

The server on which this website is hosted is located in a data center in Austria and is operated by easyname GmbH, Fernkorngasse 10/3/501, A-1100 Vienna, company registration number 402196s. For more information, please visit


Server Log Files

Each time our website is accessed, usage data is transmitted by the respective Internet browser and stored in so-called server log files, such as date and time of access, name of the page accessed, amount of data transferred and the requesting provider. This data cannot be assigned to a specific person and is used solely to ensure the trouble-free operation of our website and to improve our offering.


Transfer and storage of personal data

The following applies to personal data, such as your name, email address, address or other personal information that you provide to us via the contact form on our website, via email or by telephone.

Customer support, marketing

Your personal data may be processed by us for the purpose of initiating business in relation to our range of products and services. Your data will not be disclosed to any other recipients and will be deleted 3 years after contact, unless there is another legal basis or another legitimate purpose for their processing (see next point).

Contract processing, Business relationship

Your personal data may be processed by us in the context of a business relationship. Your data will be disclosed, only if necessary, to the tax authorities, banks, tax advisors, collection agencies and courts, whereby the scope of the transmitted personal data is limited to a minimum. Your data will be deleted after 7 years (as long as we are obliged to keep them according to §132 of the Austrian Federal Tax Code), unless there is another legal basis or legitimate purpose for their processing.

We would like to point out that we cannot 100% exclude that your data can be accessed by criminal acts and therefore ask you not to transmit confidential data to us unencrypted.



In order to make the visit to our website attractive and to enable the use of certain functions, we – like almost all websites – use so-called cookies, which are used to store user-specific data. A cookie is a small data package that is stored on your terminal device to ensure the function, performance and security of the website and to improve the user experience. A classic example of the use of cookies is the virtual shopping cart. The cookie stores which items are in it.

You can prevent cookies from being stored in several ways:

Each Internet browser offers the options to generally prevent the setting of cookies, to automatically delete cookies after each browser session and/or to manually delete all cookies on your device. The setup varies slightly depending on the browser type. You can find instructions via an Internet search engine using the search term «disable cookies».

Alternatively, you can prevent third-party cookies by visiting the opt-out page of the Network Advertising Initiative ( ) or the Digital Advertising Alliance ( ) and disabling them there, depending on the provider or altogether.

If you prevent the storage of cookies by the appropriate setting in your Internet browser, this may mean that you may not be able to use all the functions of our website in full.


Your rights according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

You have the right at any time to free information about your stored data, its origin and recipient and the purpose of data processing as well as a right to correction, blocking or deletion of this data. For this, as well as other questions on the subject of data protection, you can contact us at any time.

Web Fonts

We use so-called Google Fonts provided by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) for the uniform display of fonts. Google Fonts are optimized for the Internet. Their low file size ensures a fast loading time of our website.

We have integrated the Google-Fonts required for our site locally on our web server. Thus, no data is transmitted to Google when you open our page due to the use of web fonts.

You can find more information about Google Web Fonts at and in Google’s privacy policy: .

Web Analysis

We have decided not to use any web analysis services, i.e. no data will be stored, transmitted or processed for web analysis.

Google reCAPTCHA

We use «Google simple reCAPTCHA v2» (hereinafter «reCAPTCHA») on our website. The provider is Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, in Ireland («Google»).

CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. This is to check whether the data entry in our contact form is made by a human being or by an automated programme. This tool helps us to protect our website from abusive, automated spying and from SPAM. We use the «Simple ReCaptcha Plug In, which performs this check with a picture puzzle at the contact page.

You may find more information about Google reCAPTCHA and Google’s privacy policy at the following link: .

Social media elements

We have not embedded any social media elements on our website, therefore no data is transmitted to social media service providers. Please note that we use social media icons in the footer area of our website that link to our social media accounts. When you click on these icons, you will be redirected to our social media accounts where the privacy policies of the respective providers apply.

Below is the information on the social media accounts we link to via the respective icons.

Instagram is a social media platform of the company Instagram LLC, 1601 Willow Rd, Menlo Park CA 94025, USA. Instagram has been a subsidiary of Facebook Inc. since 2012 and is one of the Facebook products.
By calling up Instagram, data (IP address, browser data, date and time, cookies) are transmitted to Instagram, stored and evaluated.
You can find Instagram’s privacy policy at