Styling & Renovation

Perhaps you know what kind of style you want but don´t quite know how to achieve it? Or maybe you have been meaning to decorate for sometime but never seem to have the inspiration or energy to go through it? Or you just found your dream home but it needs a complete renovation? Maybe it is your teenage kid who could do with a room makeover?

We can help you with:

Single room make over / complete design / full renovation management.



Per email or on the phone. We will send you a questionnaire beforehand which will help us to get ready for the consultation.



At your home we talk about the space you want to transform, your ideas, budget and time schedule. We also give you ideas about what can be done and how we work.



If you decide to work with us, we agree on a design package and we will provide a contract specifying the scope of the project.
We can start creating your vision together!

Kitchen planning

A happy kitchen makes for a happy home. It´s the social hub of the home.

Whether it is to lend a hand to the cook, to have a conversation with the host or just to have a look at what is being prepared in there… the kitchen is where all visitors end up.

Kitchens are also one of the most expensive rooms to remodel.

Layout, smart lighting, storage, selection of tiles, cabinetry, hardware should be carefully planned so that the result of the renovation is a space that you absolutely love!

Let us create a functional, aesthetically pleasing kitchen that fits your taste and lifestyle.

We can help you with

  • Floor plans and elevations
  • Perspective drawings and 3D visualisation
  • Lighting and electrical plans
  • Advise and support
  • Layout optimization (ergonomics)
  • Storage
  • Advise by selection of flooring, backsplash, colour scheme
  • Product specifications ready to use by contractors to ensure that design is implemented as planned.
  • Full kitchen renovation management

Bathroom renovation

A bathroom is much more than a collection of essentials. For many of us, it is the place where we get our only precious time alone. So why not turn it into a statement space?

Beggining a bathroom project can be daunting but don´t worry, we´ve got you covered!

  • Basics like ventilation, lighting and minimum negative space are always to be considered.
  • Once a budget has been set, we start looking at your needs: What is your daily routine? How much storage do you need? Who will be using it?
  • The aesthetical design is as important as the functional one. Is there any style that you particularly love? Or maybe you need some guidance before defining the style of your new oasis? Here we come loaded with visual inspiration to help you!

With our 3D plans you will be able to see how your new bathroom will look like (and picture yourself in it!) before the installation begins.

Nursery design

Beautiful safety for your baby

Our focus:

  • Safety first! Our nursery planning starts with making sure that the design complies with all safety standards and that all materials used are hazard-free.
  • Style: We are not just talking about choosing the right crib – well yes, that too! – but rather about creating a space that makes you smile and enjoy. There is a good chance that you will spend many late nights here, so why not make it cute and comfortable?
  • Functionality: A baby won´t be a baby forever… why not adding some element of timelessness that your child can grow with?

Whether you just need to give form to your ideas and make sure you provide a safe place for your baby or you want a complete design, we will be delighted to help you!

Kid to teen room renovation

A room of my own

Teens rooms are usually a layered decorating experience, evidencing the parent´s heavy decorating hand during the childhood, and the tastes and habits of the teens as they grow and develop their personalities.

They are both a refuge to develop their own personality and a break from the family, a sanctuary.

We were teens as well and love the youthful spontaneity and eclecticism of teenage bedrooms… but we are parents too and we still have to cope with visions of media on the walls and clothes on the floor.

Let´s work together to shape the perfect teenage bedroom, a place for privacy and creativity with some quick “keep-my-parents happy” options!

Man cave overhaul

It’s more than just a huge flatscreen 😉

Contrary to popular belief, decorating doesn´t stop at a guy´s room and while home styling is not at the top of most men´s interests, everyone, consciously or subconsciously, can feel the difference between a well-designed space and one which has been put together “randomly”.

Traditionally, masculine style is defined by the use of elements which are timeless, raw materials like leather and exposed brick, dark muted tones and clean lines. A combination of these elements can create very structured, sexy spaces!

Whether this is what you like or you would rather move away from the “cliché” and go for a more personal style, we would love to hear from you and help to create your space.