The main goals when selling your property usually are: To get the maximum profit in the shortest possible time.

There are very easy ways to make a property more attractive for buyers. However, we often see advertisements of homes where these optimisation possibilities are not or only insufficiently used.

What can you do to increase the achievable price of your property for sale?
It doesn’t matter whether the flat or house is still furnished or vacant. Small touches, such as filling in holes and partial painting, can have a big effect on the first impression. Often it is enough to hide unappealing areas with decorative objects.
In any case, you should make sure that the property is tidy when visited or photographed and that there is no laundry or used crockery lying around.

Home staging refers to the temporary decoration of a property just for the sale and it can significantly increase your selling price.
Many people find it difficult to imagine an empty flat in a furnished state and are therefore reluctant to buy. Brining in just a few furnishings into the empty property can help to eliminate this uncertainty in the buyer.

Virtual home staging has also been established for some time. Using 3D computer models, the property can be shown directly on the internet in its furnished state. These virtual models can even simulate how the sunlight shines through the windows at any given time of the year or day.

Home staging has been common practice in the USA since the 1970s and studies indicate that a property that is furnished – even with just a few items – not only fetches a higher price, but also sells faster. The percentages in relation to the selling price vary in the various studies between 3 – 10%.

Even if the property is advertised on the Internet, where you have to work with ready-made input masks, you can provide an attractive exposé that shows the property from its best side and link it in the advertisement. Of course, this also requires appealing photos which awake the desire to own this home even before the first viewing appointment.

We have personally experienced the process of selling and buying and we know what to do and what mistakes are to be avoided.
Let us help you showcase your property´s best features!

– Alex –