How we work

Each project is different, but they all start with a visit to the space you want to transform, where we will get to know each other and we will talk about your ideas, taste and time planning.
Depending on your requirements, our design process will include one or several of the following deliverables.

Design proposals

One of the first stages of the design process is the communication and exchange of design ideas.

A moodboard is a collection of ideas in the form of inspirational images and concrete examples (colour shades, furniture, accessories…) which helps you to visualise your new space. They are a humble but great communication tool which allow us to make sure that we are working in the right direction. Are we capturing the mood and style you envisioned? Moodboards can be revised and changed to suit your taste. Once you are happy we can start narrowing down the selection of materials and pieces which will create your happy space!

Floor and elevation plan

Understanding how you use your space is key for a smartly designed home. We work closely with you to understand your lifestyle and wishes, and we give you expert tips on the optimal space layout, with its division and arrangement. We do this by means of 2D Computer Aided Design drawings, which are ready to be used by electricians and construction companies

Colour scheme

Colour can be the key to entirely changing the vibe in a space. Depending on the mood you want to achieve and taking into account the available natural and artificial light, we will work on a colour scheme that is cohesive with the style of your home and in line with your personal preferences.

Our final colour scheme includes a detailed schedule which contains a list of all chosen colours for walls, ceilings and trims, as well as the corresponding finishes depending on the surface to be painted.

This schedule is ready to be used by the painting company.

Finishing scheme

A complete renovation of a space requires detailed specifications of all the selected products and the way they should be integrated (e.g. pattern of kitchen tiles).

Once all choices have been taken, we present them together in the form of a finishing scheme document, ready to be handed over to all the professionals involved in the project.

Kitchen and Bathroom 3D visualisation

A new kitchen or bathroom is a cost intensive part of a new home design and you want to be sure that you will like the design and get the best possible solution for your budget.

3D Models are a great help to visualise your future space and allow for easy re-arrangement, if needed.

Sample board with ready to buy shopping list

Whether we are styling a single room or doing a complete renovation, one of the final deliverables is the sample board, a simulation of how the final space will look like, including pictures of all the selected pieces with links to the websites where they are sold. With this list, you will be able to acquire all products by yourself; of course we can also do the shopping for you!

Full renovation management

Would you rather leave it all in our hands?

We can manage the full renovation project, from concept to realisation, co-ordination with external suppliers and providing revisions as necessary to ensure that design is being executed as per your specifications and according to your budget.