Have you ever heard the word “neuroaesthetics”? Can you guess its meaning? I came across it a few months ago, when we were working on setting up our business, and I immediately liked it.

Neuroaesthetics explores the effect that beauty and art have on the human brain and our sense of wellbeing.

I already knew that intuitively, but when I read about this science I felt that the work of an interior designer was offically taken to a more serious level! Incorporating the neuroaesthetics approach in the desing process means that we are not just playing with the visual powers of the elements of design (combination of colours, use of textures, etc.) but we are using these to have a postive impact on the client on an emotional level.

That is what we want to do: guide you (you/your family ;)) towards your individual feeling of wellbeing.
The key: listening to you and working together to find what works for you.

For sure there are “universal” rules which contribute to create a happier space (incorporate functional furniture, choose the right colours, make the best use of light…) and these need to be considered when planning a space. We will talk about them in a different blog entry.

But there is much more than that to a happy home: crafting an interior that feels just right for your personality – or for the personalities of all people sharing that home is a bit of a challenge – and one we are ready to take on with you!

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– Nuria –